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Brenda Freed, you need to know, is one of the best undiscovered singers around.
- Aaron Allan (Country Music Association Hall of Fame Texas Inductee, 2000; Humvie Legend Award, 1999)

For Smilin' Inside from U.S.

For Smilin' Inside from Abroad

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For Smilin' Inside from U.S.

Your Smilin' Inside CD is great! You have a beautiful voice! It seems to wrap itself around each note and makes it your own! Like no one has ever sung that note before! Yer blues really rock I like yer jazz too! Glen Alyn's song is hauntingly cool  
          Graham Warwick, Hill Country Happenings, Kerrville, TX

Freed's voice is comforting and true, embracing each note with warmth and a first rate pliability.
          Lucky Boyd,  

burt & flo had had a bad day. their bowling scores were around their ages &
the humidity had turned flo's hairdo into what looked like dryer lint. burt's
cigar would not stay lit. evening was coming in like a car to a repair shop.
burt & flo walked along 3rd street, with no hope & only a vague destination. who should come galumphing down the street but eddie. 'you two look like your dog died &
tried to bite you while he did,' said eddie.  ' don't you even start,'replied
flo.' it has been one of those days...
'listen,' said eddie. 'i've got just the ticket for you. in fact,
two tickets, to go see brenda freed. she has a voice like a prarie breeze
that has been down several dark alleyways.' ' well what the hey, flo, let's
go, we got nothing else going on,' offered burt.

so off the 3  friends went. i saw them later that night in a little joint
around the corner. flo's hair was restored & burt looked like he just won the
tristate tournament. eddie had that cat/canary thing going, &  they were all
three smiling inside.
          Greg Brown, singer/songwriter, Iowa City, Iowa

Brenda Freed possesses the jazz agility of Diane Schuur married with a hint of pop/folk, ala Kerrville's Folk Festival. An enjoyable listen for a lazy afternoon or romantic evening.
          Sara Hickman, Singer/Songwriter, Austin, Texas

I am super impressed with your new Smilin' Inside CD. . . .more than just your average new release. . . .I refer to this as 'an Artist at work '. With background music like a sock to a shoe. . . .and a rainbow of styles, vocal clout & intelligent lyrics & melody. . . .Smilin' Inside is prime reaching a peak and leaves me where I like to be left. . . .wanting for more.
          Eddie Russell Country Eastern /Outlaw For Peace Radio, Columbus, Texas

Brenda sings in the traditions of jazz and blues yet moves beyond tradition to create a wonderful and provocative blend of her own flavorings...with such wonderful qualities of expression in her songs I look forward to many great things from her in the future.
          Tony Campise, Instrumentalist, Austin, Texas

Thanks a lot for the Brenda Freed CD, which I heard earlier today and enjoyed very much. Beautiful production and first rate vocalizing and musicianship.
          Don Campau, DJ, Santa Rosa, CA

For Smilin' Inside from Abroad

I must say, it's a real warm music...great vocals, extremely naturally sound................should be the reference Audio-CD for all Hifi-Studios!!!!
          Gerd Stassen, DJ, Germany

Brenda Freed ...approaching all kind of traditional influences in a very fresh, pure 'n unpretentious way .. this makes a great CD!
          Lord Litter, DJ, Germany

Thank you very much for sending me your beautiful release. I've enjoyed listening to your beautiful songs and great music and I like your style very much. I will give your disc regular airplay in my radio show because you're damned good.
          Raymond Swennen, DJ, Belgium

Thanks again for this new album. I didn't forget Sparks Fly,Faith Healer and Center of the road, these songs are still from time to time on the air. If I tell you, you have a so beautiful voice you will answer to me they already told it to me . - Nevertheless the big satisfaction is your voice.
          Michel Penard, DJ, France

Smilin' Inside is the kind of authentic music that can so easily be lost amidst the desperate excitement of 30-somethings striving to retain their wishfully misspent youth as they trawl through dump-bins of re-releases. Brenda Freed is above all that. She disdains anything showy, anything dishonest, in favour of the emotion at the heart of her songs which is conveyed with a deeply touching directness: listen to 'In the Nest of Our Hearts' if you want to be convinced. Not that all the songs are that intense; there are also wit and humour here, an occasional whimsy that might remind you of Dan Hicks. There might be many other echoes here, as Freed displays an eclectic array of influences: you can hear jazz, folk, blues, torch song, hints of experimental keyboards; but here, as with the best music, those kinds of definitions are sterile and pedantic. What is really here is an exceptional voice that is lazy yet assured, cool yet sexy - my mind is dirty but my hands are clean as she teasingly sings - playful yet involved. She's matched with a set of musicians who are so tight yet unobtrusive: there is no self-consciously idle virtuosity here; just a shared love of song, of music. Give yourself a break and have a treat: forget the re-releases, dim the lights, settle down with a glass of good wine, and give a serious listen to a wholly enjoyable and impressive cd.
          Ian Bentley, Freelance Writer, Leatherhead, Surrey, United Kingdom

Your music is in fact very beautiful and it has a jazz/bluesy feel that gives it a certain degree of personality and a very delightful and soft flavour. The voice is really pertinent to this climate but I find there is something in it that reminds me of the solemnity and of the sweetness of some great performers of the Scottish folk scene, a feeling that is reinforced by such tracks like In The Nest Of Our Hearts and Never Change Your Style
          Massimo Ferro, DJ, Italy 75

SMILIN´ INSIDE is a new CD by talented singer/songwriter BRENDA FREED that can make you smile inside and outside. It´s an album that is different both in sound and in songs than what you hear out of Nashville all the time. The lady has her own sound and that is not what we call traditional country. She offers a pretty personal collection of songs, her music includes various musical styles, some Blues and some Folk/Country, a little Gospel and even a flavour of Cajun. With her distinctive, clear voice, she keeps you listening to her music- most of it coming from her own pen. It´s worth it to listen to the stories she is telling in her songs. This is an album that was produced with heart & soul. My favorite songs are You'll Never Know, Don't Let The Sun Go Down and Ships.
          Manfred Vogel, DJ, Germany

I like the CD very much - the songs are great, nice moods and a very
nice mix of genres. And I particularly like the voice.
          Henry Prokop, DJ, Australia

MANY THANKS for your CD - the music is GREAT and I am already air playing it in my radio show. Your voice is wonderful!!!
          Milan Karpisek, DJ, Czech Republic

The CD is excellent. I'm doing a mostly Texas music show in a couple of weeks
and I'll be giving it a spin on-air.
          Eric Black, DJ, Australia

I like it VERY much, listened VERY often just
for my own pleasure 'n will broad/webcast at all my shows ...  
          Lord Litter, DJ, Germany

For Brenda's Live Performances

... a high-powered headline act that holds its own very well in the talent-rich Los Angeles/Hollywood area.  Brenda sings full bore from the first song to 'lights out.'  She dabbles nicely in stories-with-wit...............The welcome mat will always be out for Brenda...........
          Bob Stane, Concert Promoter, the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Altadena, CA

At our concert series, and again at the Salado Art Festival, Brenda Freed and Val Roessling turned in crowd-pleasing performances. Brenda has an exuberant, energetic stage presence, engaging songs and a clear, soulful voice. Val is a guitar master with a quiet, easy-going grace of his own. Together, they're dynamite fun.
          Bill James, Concert Promoter, Belton, Texas

Brenda Freed is a generous performer. She presents her songs to her audience as if they are a personal gift to each listener. No self-consciousness here; she is in complete emotional control of her songs, communicating them as only the best performers do. And those songs have everything—ballads, upbeat material, broken spirits and good times—all exceptionally well crafted and from the heart. Here is music you could get addicted to.
          Paul Sanchez, Singer/Songwriter, Austin, Texas

Brenda's voice is the nicest voice I've heard in a long, long time.   When she started singing, I felt it.
          Bob Young, Fan

For Texas Hot Flash

As the booking coordinator and co-producer of the Live Oak Coffeehouse concert series in Austin, I have the privilege of listening to a lot of music.   But the performers who can grab you right from the start and never let go are few and far between.   Texas Hot Flash, a mostly a cappella trio from the Austin area, is among these few.   I am a sucker for three part harmonies, and few people perform them better than Texas Hot Flash.   When the band departs from their a cappella format, Brenda's guitar, Amy's keyboard, and Karene's percussion provide just the right touch.   Michael D'Eath (the token male), is a fabulous harmonica player, and he always adds the perfect accompaniment or solo.
          Austin Kessler, Booking Coordinator, Live Oak Coffeehouse, Austin, TX   

I want to thank Texas Hot Flash for the great performance at the opening session of our 2004 conference in Austin.   You guys were great and really connected with the audience.   Thank you for sharing your music and making the conference memorable.
          Al Bumanis, Event Coordinator, American Musis Therapy Association, Washington, D.C.