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A lot of people ask how Him & Her came up with their name.  They usually say that it stems from their alter egos.  So who is Him & HerHim & Her is Brenda Freed on vocals and guitar, piano or mandolin and Michael D'Eath on harmonica and harmony vocals.

Brenda has been performing in Texas since 1991 when a 9,000-mile bicycle trip, originating in Iowa, ended unexpectedly in Luckenbach where she learned of the Kerrville Folk Festival.  She volunteered on staff, attended the songwriting school, and performed in the staff concert at the festival that year.  By that time she was hooked on Texas.  She decided to stay and pursue performing and songwriting.  Since then, Brenda has self-released 4 studio recordings, including  3 CD’s, and toured Texas, southern California, the Midwest, England and Ireland.  Brenda’s voice is described as "beautiful as it seems to wrap itself around each note and make it her own," (Graham Warwick, Hill Country Happenings). Aaron Allan, 2000 Country Music Association Hall of Fame Texas Inductee, said, “Brenda Freed is one of the best undiscovered singers around.” In 1999, Brenda met Michael D'Eath at the Kerrville Folk Festival and the two were married in 2000, touring England the same year.

In 2001, Brenda formed Texas Hot Flash, 'a cappella and then some'.  Michael was included in Texas Hot Flash. He was a part of the 'and then some' on harmonica when instrumentation was added.   Texas Hot Flash won a 2005 Austin Music Award and recorded 3 CD’s.  They performed throughout central Texas and toured Southern California and the Midwest, including opening for the Charlie Daniels Band at the 2005 Firefly Festival in Indiana.  In 2006, Him & Her emerged from Texas Hot Flash as a separate duo. 

A tasty harmonica accompanist and soloist, Michael D’Eath (pronounced Dee-uth) grew up in England with a musical upbringing singing in boys choirs and studying classical piano.  He moved to Texas as a teenager to pursue a career in high technology.  In the 90’s he returned to performing music, choosing harmonica as his primary instrument.  

In addition to performing with Him & Her, Michael has performed with the Brenda Freed Band, the Freed duo, Texas Hot Flash, Sara Hickman, Claudia Nygaard, Karen Abrahams, George Ensle, Travis "Moonchild" Haddix and the Rocket 88's, Stevie Norman Band, Mopac and the Blue Suburbans, Gerry Burns (Gerry's Kids), Graham Warwick, Mark Searcy, and Patrick Green.  Claudia Nygaard said, “Some guys have the chops, some guys have soul.  Michael’s got both!”

Couple D'Eath's harmonica playing with Freed's voice and you get a dynamic duo.  Him & Her caress each note with their individual styles, creating a unique blend for the beautiful melodies of their jazzy, bluesy, folksy, original music and carefully chosen covers.  

Him & Her perform throughout Texas, the East and West coasts of the U.S., and in England.  Occasionally, when the venue warrants a bigger sound Him & Her are joined by a bass player and/or percussionist/drummer forming the Him & Her Band

From 2007 to 2011, Him & Her performed in the BobTom Reed Band led by Wimberley singer/songwriter and guitarist, BobTom Reed. 
Him & Her are available to play festivals, house concerts, concert halls, coffeehouses and other listening rooms, private parties and the occasional club.  For a complete Schedule for Him & Her, Click here.  To see Him & Her performance highlights, Click here. To join the Him & Her Performance Mailing List and stay informed about their performances click here.

A Him & Her CD is scheduled for release in 2013.

HIm & Her


Above Photos © 2011 - Linda Epperson